At FaxAd we aim to provide a valuable communication tool for businesses and people to reach a wide audience. We also limit the number of faxes sent to each number to a maximum of 4 faxes per month which helps ensure numbers are not bombarded with faxes. We also take our membership to the Direct Marketing Association seriously and ensure that all unsubscribe requests are effective within 3 days of being received while also regularly clearing fax numbers on our database that have been added on the DMA's Do Not Contact (DNC) list.  


                            If you have received a fax from Fax Ad and wish to be removed from our Database please send                             an email to: deregister{at} with your fax number in the subject heading. Please                             ensure your fax number is correct and in the right format (i.e. 012 345 6789) so it is removed                             from the Database correctly. Also, please do not include any attachments, text or messages in                             the body of the email as this will result in the email being blocked by our database                             management system.



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