FREE & CHEAPER Fax 2 Email (087...)


Why would you want an expensive 086 Fax 2 Email number when you could save up to 70% on fax broadcasting costs with the new 087 Fax 2 Email numbers!



With the new 087 Fax 2 Email numbers you not only enjoy all the same benefits as an 086 number such as:


1) You don't have to receive paper faxes;

2) No more worries about running out of paper or ink in your fax machine;

3) You can open, store and forward faxes received as they are submitted to you in electronic format;

4) You can access your faxes while on the move - no more having to wait for important fax documents at the office;

5) You are much less likely to lose faxes as they don't get shifted around the office but rather stay in your inbox;

6) You can send faxes from your pc, via the internet or via a print driver you can install on your pc.



you also can save yourself and your clients / suppliers up to 70% on fax broadcasting costs!


Consider the following:

Receiving faxes:

- on an 086 Fax 2 Email costs the sender R1.64 per minute (Exc VAT)*

- on the new 087 Fax 2 Email costs the sender R0.80 per minute (Exc VAT)*


Sending faxes from your 087 number email to fax facility:

- to a traditional telkom fax line costs R0.50 per minute (Exc VAT)*

- to another fax machine registered on the 087 network R0.25 per minute (Exc VAT)*


* Please note prices quoted are for indication purposes only and may vary depending on factors such as Fax coverage, exchange speed, receiving fax availability and speed etc.


This service is entirely free and virtually instantaneous, all you have to do is fill in the details in the registration form below and click "Register Now" after which you will be automatically given your new 087 fax 2 email number as well as being emailed back after a few minutes with your new and FREE Fax 2 Email number and account log-in details from where you will be able to manage, receive and send faxes. Below is a screen shot from the 087 Fax 2 Email account platform from where faxes can be managed, contacts uploaded, faxes sent etc - click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture:



This facility will also enable you to send faxes from your pc via the internet, email or via print facilities - a R60 admin fee is payable and thereafter once you have added credit to your account you can start sending faxes at the discounted 087 per second billing rates:  


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