Our Database

Faxad has the largest fax database in South Africa, faxing to over 425,000 active fax numbers and includes numbers of international bulk faxing, broadcasting and advertising purposes. The FaxAd database is segmented in two main ways as follows: 

This incorporates a multi-tier filtering system whereby fax numbers can be chosen by broad area, town, exchange/suburb, and fax pre-fix. The entire database is validated by a process called
Geo-Coding whereby numbers are matched to areas against the national telephone exchange grid which enables accurate geo-graphic broadcasting to selected fax numbers. To look at more details on specific areas / towns / exchanges available CLICK HERE.


The FaxAd database comprises of numerous databases each incorporating different business classification definitions. If a client wishes to target a specific industry or business classification then through the use of a sophisticated key word and associated industry filtering system, relevant business classifications and industries can be chosen, with duplicates being removed and a unique dataset of related businesses generated. It is even possible to choose specific business classifications within specific geographic areas however for datasets below 2,500 fax numbers additional charges may be incurred to cover costs relating to time taken for filtering the datasets. To look at more specific details on the different business classifications available CLICK HERE.

Each of the 6,800 business classifications included in our database are grouped into larger broad categories as follows:



Associations                                    1,500

Automotive                                     19,776

Building & Construction                  38,091

Education / Training                         9,961

Financial Services                            7,385

General Services                           21,175

Government                                      2,718

Health & Beauty                                3,587

Hospitality                                        31,624

IT / Telecoms / Electronics                9,980

Manufacturing & Production            45,617

Medical                                           12,543

Professional Services                     40,299

Real Estate Industry                        8,014

Religious                                         1,754

Retail                                              40,201

Transport & Distribution                 16,260


For more details including count of faxes by area, as well as specific business classifications within each broad category, click on the broad classification name above.


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